Morand is a French specialist glove-making company.

Oh my glove! What on earth can this be?

Come closer, look, touch, slip it on. Mmmm, magnificent.

Its motto? To make you love gloves or love them again. "Love is glove and glove is all you need !"

"Yes, but how?" you may well be wondering.

"By cherishing our models and our customers" it replies. "By upholding a long-standing expertise that is unique in the world. By offering an affordable luxury, by redesigning an accessory that was once essential. And it is becoming so again thanks to collections that are sharp, fashionable, chic, warm, designer and made-to-measure, colourful and smart. From touchscreen sensitive gloves to cocktail gloves, from everyday gloves to gloves as a fashion accessory, from practical gloves to wonderfully warm gloves, from rock gloves to sports gloves, every aspect of life is covered by the Morand company (please excuse it for often referring to itself in the third person!). My name is on everyone’s lips and my gloves are on everyone’s fingers. Your hands are going to love me!"

Crazy in Morand gloves ? As sure as two and two make four.


Among the great classics of Morand gloves are those whose details, proportion, sewing and finishing are suspended in time but not the emotions they awaken.


The chic element is hidden in the details. A tassel, a button, a little bow, gathers, patterns, a subtle touch of elegance. The sort of refinement that takes the words out of your mouth. But not the gloves off those most precious of hands.


It’s crazy! You can be called Morand, be 72-years-old and still be rock AND love graphics! Here style is at your beck and call, just lift your finger and it will come running, and it’s not afraid to show off!


It will be a very warm winter! Cashmere and fur just have to enfold your delicate fingers and wrists that get frozen so quickly. Thank you, Mr Morand.


“Accept what you can’t change” said the wise man. “Create some touchscreen sensitive gloves” replied Mr Morand. “As you can’t put a smartphone on your index finger, you’d better put the gloved index finger on the smartphone! And look at your emails or Snapchat stylishly with your fingers in the warm!”